Stanton - General Information


The oldest continually operating high school in Florida draws from the rich community traditions of the past while reaching for a new tradition of advanced academic achievement. Stanton, built in the 1860's was destroyed, rebuilt, moved, and changed from a comprehensive to vocational curricula. In 1981, Stanton College Preparatory School became the Duval County School System's first magnet school. Beginning with grades 7-10, and adding one grade level each succeeding year, the first senior class of 54 students graduated in 1984. Stanton College Preparatory School now serves secondary students living within the 841 square miles of the Duval County school district and leads the Duval County Public Schools in academic achievement. Stanton consistently ranks first in the county and in the top 3 in the state for the number of National Merit Semi-Finalists.

Mission Statement

The mission of Stanton College Preparatory School is to foster academic excellence through comprehensive curricula, rigorous standards, and challenging assessments. Faculty members guide students to master intellectual, physical, and creative skills; to acquire knowledge; and to think critically, creatively, and independently.
Stanton emphasizes teaching cultural understanding and responsible citizenship to its diverse student body so those students may become compassionate, informed participants in local and world affairs. Stanton now reaches toward the future. We already hold the belief that education is the foundation for our future democratic society. We fully grasp that our students must become active learners. We strive to identify promising students, raise their aspirations, and support their efforts to do well in school and prepare for college. We are eagerly reaching out for effective tools so our students will develop the deeper understanding necessary for a self-governing citizenry to make informed judgments about complex issues and events. Administrators, teachers, parents, and students work together to set goals and implement programs to enhance the learning atmosphere at Stanton. Our instructional staff of professional educators has the ability to foster genuine creativity - teachers who concentrate on inspiring, coaching, guiding, and motivating students. Our graduates demonstrate substantial intellectual accomplishments along with the ability to effectively communicate their knowledge to others. Stanton College Preparatory School provides a highly advanced academic program for students in grades 9-12. Special curriculum features include: honors, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in English, mathematics, science, and social studies; a dual enrollment program with a local college enabling students to earn high school and college credit; a two-year foreign language requirement; and a consultative program for gifted students in grade 9. Stanton has one of the largest and most successful IB programs in the world. The IB class of 2003 was ranked first in the nation and second in North America for the number of IB Diplomas earned.