Financial Aid Workshops

A number of Financial Aid Nights will be conducted throughout Duval County. Stanton's will occur on January 20, 2011, at 6:00pm, but you can choose to attend any of them for convenience.

History Fair materials

The topic and the requirements are contained in the attachments.

Recent Stanton news-blog posts

The following are recent posts through various news blog on the Stanton site. The blogs and items are located on the rightside of the main page.

Bright Futures Scholarship Application is now available

The FFAA (Florida Financial Aid Application) is now available for senior to complete. This is the application for the Bright Futures Scholarship and other state programs. All seniors should complete this on-line application by January 3, 2011,  to insure that their transcripts will be sent to the Department of Education in Tallahassee for the early (7th semester) evaluation. This is the same date recommended for submitting the 75-hours of community service required for the Academic Scholars Award.

PSAT 2010 - Understanding Results

2010 PSAT scores will be distributed through English classes on Thursday and Friday, December 9 and 10.

Youth Leadership Jacksonville

Attention all Sophomores: if you are interested in becoming a member of Youth Leadership Jacksonville, please read the announcement located in the Sophomore News Blog. The link for the blog is on the righthand side of this page.

Magnet Program Information Sessions - Dates

Magnet Tours: Magnet tours will be given at Stanton only at scheduled times. They will begin promptly, and will last no longer than 90 minutes. Successful completion of Algebra I is a prerequisite to enter 9th grade. Primary entry point is grade 9. There are approximately 300 openings for Grade 9; 15 openings for grade 10, 5 openings for grade 11, and 2 openings for grade 12. The required pre-requisite courses must be evident on the transcript.

Scholarship contest through Amity Turkish Cultural Center

Amity Turkish Cultural Center (ATCC) presents an exciting program for students and teachers in Jacksonville with the partnership of Florida State College (former FCCJ), Duval County Public Schools and Istanbul Center of Atlanta. This program is geared towards an interdisciplinary approach to enhancing several core skills in students no matter what discipline they may study.

Stanton School Improvement Plan 2010-2011

Stanton's School Improvement Plan, SIP, for 2010-2011, is available for viewing by clicking here.

Community Service Opportunity - The Optimus Literacy Institute

The Optimus Literacy Institute of America, Inc.
Student Application to TUTOR

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